About Us

Since its inception, McGrady Policy Research has been on the cutting edge of journalism, content production, media consulting, and political messaging. Now, MPR has created Guardian Watch as its newest platform for investigative journalism, policy analysis, and commentary. The platform will absorb content production for all original MPR content and integrate other publications the firm produces like Reported, World+Lab, and Open Korea.

Guardian Watch will also serve as MPR’s flagship opposition research branch providing customizable plans for any organization’s information gathering purposes.

With some of the best journalists in the country and world-class researchers, Guardian Watch can ensure accurate information turnover with quick response times.

Since the platform will also serve as an outlet for investigative journalism, the new mission of MPR, with the launch of Guardian Watch, is to serve as a tool and resource to uncover fraud, waste, and abuse in local, state, and national governments, domestic and abroad.

We are currently accepting news tips for original content, organizations to partner with, writers, researchers, and several other types of people to make Guardian Watch an effective venture. So please, direct all inquiries to Michael McGrady, the executive director of MPR, by sending a request through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the side bar.

MPR utilizes PGP encryption.